Ensemble Audition Schedule

Fall Term– Auditions for the UO jazz ensembles are held during the week PRIOR to the first full week of classes each Fall term. These auditions are used to place students in both big bands and combos. Students auditioning for ensembles in the fall need not re-audition in Winter or Spring terms. See the Jazz Calendar for specific dates.

Winter and Spring Terms – Prior to the beginning of both Winter and Spring terms Open Chair Auditions are announced to fill ensemble vacancies. Open Chair Auditions are held the term before the vacancies occur during Dead Week. See the Jazz Calendar for specific dates.

Instrumental Audition Format
(Big Bands, Combos, Latin Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Guitar Ensemble)
 – Jazz ensemble auditions for instrumentalists include the following:

a) sight-reading – of notated lines and chord symbols (where appropriate)
b) improvisation – all auditioners are asked to improvise over a blues. You may be asked to improvise over additional jazz standards if you wish to occupy a jazz chair in one of the big bands or to perform in a combo.
c) drummers – in addition, drummers are asked to demonstrate basic beats for common jazz styles (swing, latin, funk, etc.)

JazzArts Oregon Auditions
Auditions for the JazzArts Oregon Combo are held once a year on the Monday of the Week of Welcome.  Auditions must be scheduled through the Director of Jazz Studies in advance of the audition date.  To do so, send an email with your name, address, phone, and student ID# to the Director of Jazz Studies.

Audition Repertoire:
a) All auditioners are asked to have the following pieces prepared for the audition: Just Friends (in concert G), Moment’s Notice (in concert Eb), Au Privave (in concert F)
b) All auditioners are asked to bring in lead sheets (3 copies of each) for two additional prices of your choosing to perform….and up tempo piece and a ballad.
c) In addition to concertizing, students in JazzArts Oregon are expected to contribute arrangements for the ensemble to perform.  You are asked to supply the panel with two representative scores of your work for small group at the start of the audition.