Graduate CD Project Guidelines

General Information

Your CD project should be a musical showcase of your study at the U.O. and of your creativity.  It should serve to highlight your best work as a musician.  While projects are always a cooperative venture, your CD project should feature YOUR talents not necessarily those of your ensemble members.

Length of the CD
1 hour at the minimum, 1 1/4 hours at the maximum.

Your Ensemble
It is your job to line up the musicians that will be perform on your CD.   Choose your ensemble(s) carefully!   You need to have musicians who are accomplished enough to perform convincingly in the style in which you are playing.    It may be necessary to hire professionals in certain roles.

Timetable of Events

In order for your CD project to go smoothly it is important that you observe the following timetable and meet deadlines.  Failure to do so may result in a delay or cancellation of your project.  A timetable of events follows:

Spring Term (One year before the project completion)
Initial CD Project Meeting  – You must set up a meeting with the Director of Jazz Studies to present a written proposal for your CD project at this time. Your proposal needs to include:

1)   Repertoire
.        a) lead sheets/initial arrangements
.        b) approximate timings of each piece
.        c) improvisation/writing goals for each piece
.        d) plans for the completion of arrangements/compositions
2)   Names of Accompanists

If using UO facilities, recording session dates for the following school year are scheduled at this time.   A final completion date for your project is set.

Fall Term
Final Proposal (by week 3 of Fall term) – Finalized CD project proposals are due at this time.  All personnel and repertoire should be determined and a timeline for completion of any outstanding arrangements submitted.

CD Project Hearings/Performances (Monday/Tuesday of Finals Week) – Rehearsal recordings and/or a live performance of all repertoire is due/scheduled at this time.

Winter Term
Recording Sessions
 – All recording sessions must be completed and rough mixes of your recording session submitted to the Jazz Studies Committee by Monday of Finals Week.

Spring Term – Final mixes of your CD project are due on the date of completion as well as  public release of your CD.

Have fun!!!