Graduate Recital Guidelines

Students pursuing either the Instrumental Performance or Composition/Arranging emphasis must complete two full-length public presentations…a recital and a public lecture-presentation.  Both must be completed under the guidance of a member of the jazz faculty. (See descriptions below.)   In lieu of a second recital, a CD project may be recorded that features the candidate’s performance and/or composing/arranging abilities in the jazz idiom.   Each recital/presentation must have prior approval from the jazz studies committee.   (See timetable below.)

Public Lecture-Presentation
This presentation will take on the form a lecture-recital.  Showcased should be the findings of the student’s independent research and application of said research to the creation of his or her own music.  In preparation for this recital, it is understood that candidates will study the works of great artists through transcription and analysis.

Recital or CD Project
This recital/CD should be a musical showcase of your study at the U.O. and of your creativity.  When picking your program, consideration should be given to presenting the full scope of your musical abilities in the best possible light.   (See timetable below.)

General Recital Information 
(for both Performance and Composition/Arranging Majors)

You are the Star
Remember…Your recital is a showcase of YOUR talents.  Arrangements should serve to feature you if you are a performance major.   (Avoid solos by every member of the group through the course of a song.)   If you are an arranger, your pieces should not rely heavily on extended improvisation to succeed.

Length of the Recital
1 hour at the minimum, 1 1/2 hours at the maximum.

Your Ensemble
It is your job to line up the musicians that will be accompanying you on your recitals.   Choose your ensemble(s) carefully!  You need to have musicians around you who are accomplished enough to perform convincingly in the style you are playing.   It may be necessary to hire professionals in certain roles.

Timetable of Events
In order for your lecture-presentation and recital to go smoothly it is important that you observe the following timetable and meet deadlines.   Failure to do so may result in a delay or cancellation of your event(s).   A timetable of events follows, with more details below:

1st Year of Study (academic year before recital):
Spring Term – Initial Meeting w/ Director of Jazz Studies
2nd Year of Study:
Fall Term – Submit Lecture-Presentation & Recital/CD Proposals for Jazz Committee Approval.
Winter Term – Pre-Lecture & and Pre-Recital Hearings
Winter & Spring Terms – Graduate Lecture-Presentations & Recitals

Spring Term (one year before the recital) – Initial Lecture & Recital Meeting
You must meet with the Director of Jazz Studies to schedule the dates of your lecture-presentation and recital at this time.  Be prepared to discuss initial thoughts/plans for the content of both, and to review the time-line of events leading to their successful completion the following year.

1) Lecture-Presentation & Recital Dates
.       a) Lecture-Presentation & Recital dates are chosen at this time in consultation with      .           the Director of Jazz Studies
.       b) Clear dates as needed with anticipated band members/accompanists
.       c) Schedule recital date with Facilities Director (David Mason)

2) Pre-Lecture & Pre-Recital Hearing Dates
.       a) Dates for both your Pre-Lecture Hearing and Pre-Recital Hearing will be assigned          .           at this time

Fall Term (2nd year of study) – Lecture & Recital Proposals are Submitted, Finalized, and Approved
Proposals for both your lecture-presentation and recital be submitted, finalized, and approved by the Jazz Studies Committee by the end of Fall Term.  Initial proposals are due by Week 3 of fall term.

Your recital proposal must include:

1) Repertoire to be Performed along with:
.        a) lead sheets/initial arrangements
.        b) approximate timings of each piece
.        c) improvisation/writing goals for each piece
.        d) plans for the completion of arrangements/compositions
2) Names of Accompanists Finalized
3) Official SOMD Formatted Program – recital program templates may be found on the website.

Your lecture-presentation proposal must include:

1) An abstract and lecture outline of the topic being presented along with:
.        a) research yet to be completed
.        b) a list of musical examples to be created/composed
.        c) a timeline for the completion of the project

Winter Term – Pre-Lecture & Recital Hearings
Pre-Lecture Hearings are scheduled throughout the first 1/2 of Winter term.  Each is a full dress rehearsal for the formal presentation to follow. Be prepared to present your lecture from beginning to end.

Pre-Recital Hearings are scheduled during the first two days of Finals Week at the end of Winter Term.  This hearing is used to determine whether you are prepared to present your recital.   At this hearing you will run through all repertoire to be performed at your recital with complete ensemble personnel.  Based upon your performance and the performance of your accompanists, you will either be approved to present your recital as scheduled or asked to re-schedule at a later time.

At your pre-recital hearing, bring copies of the following for the faculty:
– Your program/recital repertoire list
– Lead Sheets/Scores

Winter & Spring Terms – Presentations and Recitals
Lectures – Lectures are open to the public and will be scheduled to be given during regular Jazz Department Master Class hours.

Recitals – Be sure to schedule ample rehearsal time with your ensemble members prior to your recital during this very busy time of the year.  While not a requirement, a recital at another venue is always a good way to prep for a strong performance and to shake out any bugs.

Special Notes Regarding CD Projects:

Pre-CD Hearings
Rough mixes for CD projects must be completed and submitted to the Jazz Studies Committee by Monday of Finals Week at the end of Winter term.  These mixes will be reviewed and serve as your Pre-Recital/CD Hearing. Final mixes are due by the date agreed to at your initial meeting with the Director of Jazz Studies prior to Oral Exams and completion of your degree.